This interior renovation project included 2 levels of an existing Renaissance Revival-style building.


Respecting the building's status in a National Register Historic District, this project preserves the existing exterior façade while modernizing the interior to accommodate the needs and culture of this up-and-coming company. A central gathering area is provided for clients and guests on the ground floor, with private offices and a conference room along the perimeter. A catering kitchen, bar and lounge area are located at the rear of the space. The second level of the renovation includes private offices, a conference area and open office space for future expansion.


This renovation was designed with flexibility to accommodate shared work spaces during the day, with flexibility for events in the evening.


The perimeter of the main space is reserved for private offices and conference rooms. A central glulam feature creates a connective spine throughout the space — piercing the exterior shell at the main entry, extending above the reception area, diving into the floor, intersecting at the rear of the space with steel and wood stairs, and terminating at the ceiling above. The glulam creates a dynamic harmony between a historical downtown of preserved and repurposed traditional architecture and the future of innovation and design.

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Care was taken to remove systems from a series of renovations over the years and expose the structural elements within the space.


Existing suspended ceilings and partitions were removed to modernize the space and visually connect the areas within. Along with preserving and accentuating existing wood in this historical building, the central glulam feature was constructed with concealed fasteners and accented with integrated linear lighting. The strategic glulam configuration maintains its structural integrity while spanning longer distances across public planes and up into private floors. Glulam pieces poke through the street-adjacent façade before defining the interior space.

  • 2017
    AIA Winston-Salem Merit Award
    Linville Team

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