Hotel Roanoke

Hotel Roanoke was originally built in 1882 and has been a focal point in the city’s downtown ever since. Falling into the Tudor style architecturally, the Hotel has continued to remain top of class by incorporating innovative technologies and regular renovations. However, the Hotel needed to update the 1882 Bar, Pine Room, and exterior patio area to stay competitive with the growing Roanoke food + beverage scene. As we studied the programmatic spaces, we realized the unique positioning the 1882 Bar had within the Hotel as it is located adjacent to the lobby. The Pine Room is also just steps away from the bar, so we wanted to enhance the flow of these spaces to allow for easy access and progression. Once this was established, the rich history of the Hotel informed an updated interior that connects past comforts with modern appointments. The starry sky overhead in the 1882 Bar also speaks to the exterior patio, which was designed to accentuate the breathtaking mountain views that surround Hotel Roanoke.

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