Located in a quiet section of the Buena Vista neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC, the Hancock Residence is a one level modern home. It’s floor plan was developed around providing intimate views of the interior pool deck and 100 year old oak tree. With natural light abundant and overhangs designed to protect against the summer sun, the home is flooded with light but not the excess summer heat. The residence is divided into two overlapping sections; one private and the other public. The main entry is located at the overlapping intersection between the public and the private, and once there folks are greeted with a “mass wall” comprised of fired clay brick form Italy. These Italian brick mass walls become architectural features on the interior as well as the exterior.

Han Haus 1
Han Haus 2
Han Haus 4
Han Haus 5
Han Haus 6
Han Haus 7
Han Haus 8
Han Haus 9

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